It's Evonio!!! Laughing at you like a jackass! Yes. Because he truly IS a jackass, though he has conquered half of the Universe. Damn...

Welcome to 10THC TMO wikia, my friends... here you will have all kinds of support to understand the weird stories I write.

Some things you might want me to answer...

  • WHO THE F**K IS EVONIO??? - you might hear me sometimes talking about a guy named Evonio. But who the hell is he? Well... he's not human. He is the overlord of a giant Empire that "owns" more than half of the Universe, in my "virtual world" (that's why I'm a bit WEIRD-O). Well... here he is...
  • Err... did you say "Empire"??? - yes. This massive military force is the most advanced source of destruction in the whole Universe. The soldiers are monsters called the Volcanoxes, who are 6-feet tall, red-skinned, horned, tailed and evil beings. They shoot you to death with their massive machineguns, or blast you into shreds with a tank if you hide behind a rock. They also love to fly over you with spaceships and bomb you to oblivion.
  • Are you retarded? - Maybe.
  • Do you like communists? - NO!!! I hate those reddish bastards! Stalin and Lenin were such a retards! Oh, and I also hate those friggin' Nazis. The only good thing that Hitler did in his entire life was killing himself.

And... Danny and Monica's superpowers!

YES! It seems that, in a far virtual world, you guys have superpowers! NO! They do not consist in looking through other people's clothes. That would turn my stories into PORN. (And thus you couldn't read them because if you'd do such you would be severely shocked and would probably need medical assistance...)

  • Daniel - controls gravity and stuff related to it. He can also reverse the magnetic poles of... magnets. (and PLANETS.)
  • Monica - teleporting! Hurrah! Perfect to escape evil teachers or near-death experiences such as being swallowed by a hungry Rocka Beast (see 10THC TMO...).


Mr T. says, "I Chuck Norris the fool!"

Randomized stuff

  • Random animal of the week: Chuck Norris
  • Random name of the week: Chuck Norris
  • Random vehicle of the week: Chuck Norris
  • Random weapon of the week: Chuck Norris
  • Random enemy of the week: Chuck Norris
  • Random word of the week: Chuck Norris.
  • Random swear of the week: Chuck Norris
  • Random country of the week: Chuck Norris
  • Random element of the week: Chuck Norris
  • Random tribute of the week: Chuck Norris
  • Random song of the week: Chuck Norris
  • Random idiot(s) of the week: Chuck Norris

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