Finger Defense System

Monica's HUD when using FDS. This defense system was prohibited in Iran and Iraq because it was scrambling the nuclear missiles.

"Don't! Don't do that! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" - Monica (while being attacked by the merciless BOOP army)
NAME Monica
A.K.A... Monica, MOOOOOOnica
Special powers FDS!!! (Finger defense system), Ball Tap
Motto "Hi!"
Strenght Enough to slap you and defend herself from the BOOP attacks.
Stupid Habit Hitting Danny's nuts:P
Cute habit NOOOOTHING. Hard for her to be cute:P haha
EVIL habit Attacking you with a mix of slaps and BOOPs.
Weakness BOOPs, Daniel (WTF?) and Portuguese <---True:P
Favorite Dish Satellite Dish
Attack mode Slappin' towards victory!!!
More stuff Well, she's American and annoying as F**K

Monica is the American girl in our class. She struggles to understand the gabbering speeches of the teachers, while being constantly striked by the BOOP army.

Defensive Arsenal

Being a common target of the BOOP force, Monica needs something to protect her from the merciless attacks. That's why she invented FDS, or Finger Defense System, an advanced mechanism created to stop BOOP strikes. The FDS consists in a pair of radars mounted on her eyes, and a pair of sonars mounted on her ears. They all work together to sight and neutralize any incoming attack, using Monica's arms to blast the missiles/fingers into shards. FDS provides instant defense from the incoming BOOPS.

Monica's payback

Of course... Monica won't go home crying after she gets BOOPed. She has a secret special trick that she uses to finish off Daniel. That's right. Ball Tap. Just a single shot and she can make Daniel cry. Careful, this is a really strong weapon: you're standing peacefully in the school's snack-bar, in the next second you're down on the floor, writhing in pain. Ouch.

Iran and Iraq prohibit FDS

One of Iraq's leaders spoke about the danger that FDS can cause in his country. "This horrible and barbaric defense system is preventing us from launching accurate air strikes and thus not tearing little children apart. For this reason, Finger Defense System shall be prohibited in Iraq.". Iran's president (if there IS one) said the same thing, but added the fact that Monica can be a Taliban. Or an alien. Or simply a girl.