AAAAH! Incoming BOOP! Take cover! TAKE COVER!!!

"'Ya know, life's like a box of BOOPS!!" - Daniel

NAME Daniel
A.K.A... Danny, The American, Braga, Senhor Boop
Special powers Boop, Super Boop, Boobly Boop, and The Zoidberg Boop
Motto "Don't worry, be happy."
Strenght Enough to BOOP the hell out of you!
Stupid Habit BOOP'in you.
Ugly habit Slappin' you.
EVIL habit Being EVIL!!!
Weakness Slaps, Monica <----WTF?! and cupcakes:D
Favorite Dish Spaghetti with boops!
Attack mode BOOP!

Daniel is the American guy in 10THC. Everyone calls him Danny though, but who cares?



I bet not even all these homies could stop the mighty Booper!

One of the mightiest powers Daniel uses to strike against his fellow classmates. The BOOP is a powerful, heat-guided, lazer-guided, Monica-guided and WTF-guided missile that consists in a... finger. The normal BOOP is a medium, single-shot attack in someone's cheeks, but strongest BOOPS might appear while the technology advances. A spectacular combo BOOP is the Zoidberg strike - a rabid and superfast attack that can only be used when your prey is in front of you. To start the Zoidberg strike, raise both your arms and start BOOP'in at an amazing speed, while closing to your victim. This merciless attack can only be countered with the FDS, or Finger Defense System. (see Monica)

Message from Barack Obama

"I have aknowledged that one of our citizens, currently living in a far, third-world country called Poor Tuga, is carrying an extremely destructive power, codenamed "B. Oop", that can be used against our country. For this reason we have sent a secret agent codenamed Acinom to track and shoot down this target, in order to retrieve the mysterious power and to use it in the war in Iraq. End of communication. I like popcorn."

Project B-00 "p"

Little is known about the Project B-00 "p". The only thing we know is that it will be an extremely powerful fire arm, built by the B. Raga Laboratories. Rumors say that Project B-00 "p" is actually a Boop Launcher, capable of a 200+ boops per minute rate of fire with a magazine of 50 boops, attached to a tactical bipod and equipped with state-of-art thermal imaging devices.

Danny's influence in the world


This is the video game inspired by Stalin himself and originally built by Danny. Codenamed "SuperStalin", the project was canned due to insuficient funds and was sold to a little gayish association called Nintendo. A few years later, the original SuperMario arcade game was out.

In his 108389482 year lifetime, (yes, he's THAT young) Danny was resposible for many historical events, such as the fall of Berlin's Ball and the Technological Revolution in 23400 A.D. (when boop'ing was invented...), but the greatest thing he has ever done was converting the ancient Soviet Russia into a video game. Pretty cool, huh?